About Me

After a decade of self investigation, I am still finding more about myself.


I am a person who has spent the last decade involved in what many would call “inner work”. While there are many brands and schools of thought when it comes to “inner work”, the specific path I chose was the path laid forth by the group known as Desteni.

But this is not a blog that is about Desteni as much as it is about who I am and what I have learned and developed for myself in having applied the tools and teachings of Desteni.

There are many real life experiences – some of which I am certain many can relate to – that I will share in this blog, with the addition of including the process I have walked in order to give an accurate accounting of the power of self-honesty and self-forgiveness and how the development of self-awareness has forever changed the way I see the world and myself.

“It is these stories of personal struggles, frustrations, and the blood, sweat, and tears that come from any serious labor that I will share.”

But of course – having the ability to understand how my mind functions, where my emotions and feelings really come from, and seeing the bigger picture of what awareness actually implies does not automatically make my life simpler or cause my struggles and fears to subside. It is these stories of personal struggles, frustrations, and the blood, sweat, and tears that come from any serious labor that I will share.

I share in part to show people to not be afraid of the challenges we must face when getting down into the core truths of ourselves, and in part to prevent if possible the painful and longer path of consequence that some may be spared by reading and learning from my mistakes.

Author: Joe Kou

Stories aren't just the things we hear as children or the stuff we see on TV. Stories are the memories that have gotten stuck in the backs of our minds and threaten to repeat themselves in our imaginations and fantasies and may spill over into our lives and create consequences if we are not careful. Stories are the secrets we try so desperately to suppress and deny at the cost of our authenticity and integrity. Stories are the things through which we attribute MEANING to who and why we are. Stories - particularly the ones we don't speak aloud but relentlessly repeat within ourselves - come with an immense responsibility and we need to start acting like it. That's where I come in. http://facebook.com/joekou

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